Dr. Anthony Bonnah Koomson from Ghana

Will talk to us about:‘Journalism for Truth and Reconciliation in the Church and of Service to People

’Explaining how the clamour for what is called Press Freedom is indeed the ‘freedom’ to get it wrong. 

UCAP platform is an opportunity for us Catholic media practitioners to prayerfully re-assess our roles in the service of the Church and our peoples.

The paper offers some reflection on the Congress theme and specifically on “truth,” “reconciliation,” and“service to society and to the Church”. The paper discusses “fake news” and the Church’s definition of truth, and urges Catholic media practitioners to arm themselves with truth. That when it comes to truthful reporting, a clear redline exists beyond which Catholic journalists may not crossover.

It further dilates on “journalistic truth,” arguing that press freedom does not mean getting it right all the time. Indeed, press freedom means the freedom to get it wrong. But practitioners must accept blame when a mistake is committed.

The paper in discussing reconciliation points to the unchristian sequence of repentance before forgiveness, and challenges media practitioners to promote the catholic (Caritas) model, whereby a victim places God at the center of the reconciliation process, as against the perpetrator.

Finally, the paper draws attention to negative intellectualism and also the need to back our bishops publicly when they speak on national issues. It invites catholic media practitioners to open themselves to the imperative of a diversified cultural perspective in the promotion of human development, alongside the Church,understanding that the people we work for are but God’s creatures, created in His image, and who deserve dignity. 

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Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Phone: (233) 027-706-0111 (233) 020-927-2773 
  • Date of Birth: November 03
  • Education:          Ph. D (November 1990),
  • Ohio University, (E. W.Scripps School of Journalism), Athens, Ohio, USA
  • Sc., (November 1987), Ohio University, (E. W.ScrippsSchool of Journalism), Athens, Ohio, USA                               
  • Graduate Diploma, (1977), University of Ghana, (School of Communication Studies), Legon, Accra, Ghana
  • A.(Combined Hons.), (1975), University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, Ghana

Current Position: Editorial Consultant, Standard Newspaper & Magazines Ltd, Accra, Ghana Adjunct Lecturer, St. Peter’s Regional Seminary, Pedu, Cape-Coast. 

Previous Positions (academic): Lecturer, School of Communication Studies, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra (1990-2009); Lecturer, Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre, Sunyani (2009-2016),

Previous Positions (professional); Editor, the Catholic Standard (1979-1985) 

Research Interest:           International Communication;   Media Ethics & Professional Standards -- Ends

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