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Podrobnosti knihy Meatspace z Shukla Nikesh

  • Název knihy: Meatspace
  • Autor knihy: Shukla Nikesh
  • Kniha jazyk: Česky
  • Datum vydání knihy: 2014
  • Počet stránek: 294
  • Žánrové knihy: Současná beletrie
  • ISBN: 978-0-00-756506-1
  • EAN: 9780007565061
  • Dostupné soubory: meatspace-351468.pdf, meatspace-351468.epub,
  • Podmínky stahování této knihy: Kniha zdarma
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Shrnutí knihy Meatspace z Shukla Nikesh

The second novel from Costa First Novel Award shortlisted author Nikesh Shukla. The first and last thing I do every day is see what strangers are saying about me. Kitab Balasubramanyam has had a rough few months. His girlfriend left him. He got fired from the job he hated for writing a novel on company time, but the novel didnt sell and now hes burning through his mums life insurance money. His father has more success with women than he does, and his Facebook comments get more likes. Kitab is reduced to spending all of his time in his flat with his brother Aziz, coming up with ideas for novelty Tumblrs and composing amusing tweets. But now even Aziz has left him, travelling to America to find his doppelganger. So what happens when Kitab Balasubramanyams only internet namesake turns up on his doorstep and insists that they are meant to be friends? Meatspace is a hilarious and troubling analysis of what happens when our lives become nothing more than an aggregation of shared content, when our online personas are more interesting than real life. A brilliant follow-up from an acclaimed young novelist writing at the sharp edge of modern life

Stáhnout Meatspace knihu ve formátu pdf, epub, mobi. Průměrné náklady na knihu Meatspace je 294 Kč. Zde si můžete knihu stáhnout zdarma ve formátu pdf, epub a mobi. Ke stažení použijte následující odkazy Meatspace kniha ve formátu pdf, epub a mobi.

Meatspace z Shukla Nikesh – jedna z nejlepších knih v češtině. Naše webové stránky obsahují nejzajímavější knihy, které si můžete stáhnout ve formátu pdf, epub a mobi. Níže naleznete seznam webových stránek, kde se dozvíte více o knize Meatspace z Shukla Nikesh.

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