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Podrobnosti knihy Tudors z Meyer G. J.

  • Název knihy: Tudors
  • Autor knihy: Meyer G. J.
  • Kniha jazyk: Česky
  • Datum vydání knihy: 2011
  • Počet stránek: 635
  • Žánrové knihy: Současná beletrie
  • ISBN: 978-0-385-34077-9
  • EAN: 9780385340779
  • Dostupné soubory: tudors-344331.pdf, tudors-344331.epub, tudors-344331.mobi
  • Podmínky stahování této knihy: Kniha zdarma
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Shrnutí knihy Tudors z Meyer G. J.

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Acclaimed historian G. J. Meyer provides a fresh look at the fabled Tudor dynasty and some of the most enigmatic figures ever to rule a country. In 1485, Henry Tudor, whose claim to the English throne was so weak as to be almost laughable, nevertheless sailed from France with a ragtag army to take the crown from the family that had ruled England for almost four centuries. Fifty years later, his son, Henry VIII, aimed to seize even greater powers ultimately leaving behind a brutal legacy that would blight the lives of his children and the destiny of his country. Edward VI, a fervent believer in reforming the English church, died before realizing his dream. Mary I, the disgraced daughter of Catherine of Aragon, tried and failed to reestablish the Catholic Church and produce an heir, while Elizabeth I sacrificed all chance of personal happiness in order to survive. The Tudors presents the sinners and saints, the tragedies and triumphs, the high dreams and dark crimes, of this enthralling era.

Stáhnout Tudors knihu ve formátu pdf, epub, mobi. Průměrné náklady na knihu Tudors je 635 Kč. Zde si můžete knihu stáhnout zdarma ve formátu pdf, epub a mobi. Ke stažení použijte následující odkazy Tudors kniha ve formátu pdf, epub a mobi.

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